Peace Corps Pariah

As already mentioned, I started this site to promote a book called Nakhon Phanom: The Domino Which Did Not Fall (and my Thai hometown) which isn’t selling. I did this after Scott at The Online Book Club asked me for my social media websites so they can promote the book. Of course, I paid them to do this-after they offered me an enticing special deal-but I had no social media websites other than Facebook, which I rarely use, which is why I started this Word Press blog. But I guess that wasn’t enough for Scott, so now I started a Facebook page called Peace Corps Pariah specifically for the book. I called it Peace Corps Pariah to distinguish it from other Peace Corps Internet sites, the vast majority of which serve the interests of Peace Corps.

It’s not that Peace Corps Pariah won’t only serve the interests of Peace Corps; only that I’ll be writing about things which a more sanctioned Peace Corps site could never touch. In fact, I’ll be writing about things which some Peace Corps people have told me have nothing to do with the Peace Corps. Aside from that, I was in the Peace Corps fifty years ago, so it’s not as if I have any basis to know what the Peace Corps is like today, or what it was just before the pandemic.

Anyway, this is new technology for me, but, if I set everything it up right, everything I write on this site, including this blogpost, will automatically be posted on my Facebook Peace Corps Pariah Page. Wala. Now I have to see if it worked. Back later.

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